EMC Cable Glands

EMC Cable Glands

EMC Cable Glands

Electrical equipment is shielded from electromagnetic interference by EMC Cable Glands. At the crucial transitions to enclosures, they perform an essential role in EMC protection.

The cable gland shields the exposed cables inside the housing by reflecting electromagnetic waves across the surface of the housing in accordance with the Faraday cage concept.
We have a lot of industry experience, and because of this, we are highly regarded by our customers.

We produce EMC Cable Glands using the best materials and cutting-edge technology.With the help of our protective covering clamping glands and stout cables, its protection will be established, making terminations possible.

Our high-quality glands don’t significantly reduce the potential of an enclosure when connected to one that has a magnetic field. According to the needs and preferences of the client, this spacious unit is offered in a variety of sizes, unique designs, finishes, and forms.

Natural EMC cable Glands regular bachelor’s degree linear unit 50262 is not hampered by non-particulate radiation or magnetic interference in alternative equipment.


This premium variant has a metalized clamping body, which ensures continuous contact with the braided shield of the cable, even in dynamic applications. This cable gland is certified according to UL, cUL, and NEMA, an important requirement for international use.


This cable gland also uses the clamping body principle. This ensures a significantly shorter installation time than conventional EMC cable glands. It is not necessary to separate the cable shield. The cable is simply stripped in the relevant area, the cable gland is positioned and fixed.


This cable gland also offers reliable protection against electromagnetic influences. It follows the classic mounting principle, in which the screen is separated and connected to the gland. The HSK-M-EMC is suitable for solutions in non-dynamic applications where the mounting time is not a major factor.


Types of EMC Cable Glands

  • Cable Glands with contact spring
  • Cable Glands with contact disc
  • Cable Glands with contact sleeve
  • Cable Glands with antikink spring
  • Cable Glands with collet chuck

Technical Data of Cable Glands Accessories:

Design Specification BS 6121:Part 1:1989, EN 50262, IEC 62444
Material Brass, Nickel Plated
Thread PG, M, NPT
Clamping Insert Polyamide 6 V2
Contact Spring Special Copper Alloy
Contact disc Nickel-plated brass
Sealing Ring CR-Chloroprene Rubber
O Ring Perbunan (NBR)
Protection Class IP 68-5 Bar
Mechanical Classifications Impact = Level 8, retention = Class B (EN 50262) Class D (IEC 62444)
Electrical Classifications Category B
RoK Permit For Use 19-02-UL-1957
Continuous Operating Temperature -60°C to +130°C
Ingress Protection Rating IP66
Cable Gland Material Brass, Electroless Nickel Plated Brass, Stainless Steel, Aluminium
Seal Material CMP Formulated Thermoset Elastomer
Cable Type Single Wire Armour (SWA)
Armour Clamping Armour Cone & AnyWay Universal Clamping Ring
Sealing Technique Unique CMP “LRS” TM Outer Seal (Load Retention Seal)
Sealing Area(s) Cable Outer Sheath
Accessories Adaptor/Reducer, Earth Tag, Locknut, Serrated Washer, Entry Thread Seal, Shroud
Gland Kits Available Gland kit for use with all types of SWA cable including 2 Brass Glands, 2 Steel Locknuts, 2

Brass Earth Tags and 2 PVC Shrouds for sizes up to and including 32mm. For sizes 40mm and

above each kit includes 1 of each component.

Properties For a quick installation of partially dismantled cables as well as thoroughly shielded cables

Sample Time: Available in 5-10 days for different items.

Drawing Format: CAD / PDF / DWG / IGS / STEP.

Packaging: Standard package, Carton box or Pallet, As per customized specifications

Shipping: DHL, FEDEX, UPS and By Sea or as per client’s requirements.

We can manufacture and export EMC Cable Glands to the USA, Germany, UK, and many European Countries as per customer specifications (custom drawing and samples). We fulfill bulk or mass production quotations with ease and deliver on time.We can manufacture and export Brass Sheet Metal Clamps as per specifications (custom drawing and samples) for more information, please

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