High Tensile Hex Bolt

High Tensile Hex Bolt

High Tensile Hex Bolt

In applications where fasteners are put under a lot of stress, High Tensile Hex Bolt is employed. The tensile tension placed on the fastener when joining two components might cause it to break.

These bolts may be made from materials with a higher tensile strength, and Nayna Enterprise is one of India’s top producers of high tensile fasteners. The tensile strength of standard 304 stainless steel is 515MPa.

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In some situations, its strength might not be sufficient. Therefore, they employed various high tensile bolt kinds, such as high tensile stud bolts manufactured of high tensile strength materials. A stud is added to the stud bolt to aid in pushing it more effectively into the ground.

High tensile hex head bolts may be tightened with minimal effort since hex keys can be attached to them easily. There are additional high tensile bolt types that may be installed in engine parts and other components where it is impossible to use a regular key.

With an allen key that grips the inside circle of the bolt head rather than the exterior of the bolt head, high tensile allen bolts may be quickly and readily inserted into tight areas. The high tension bolt is available in a variety of diameters, from M2 to M100, and in lengths between 6mm and 500mm.

The High Tensile bolts come in a variety of grades, including 8.8, 10.9, 12.9, and others. To learn more about the high tensile bolts and their costs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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High Tensile Hex Bolt Specification Chart

Grade 10.9, Grade 8.8, DIN 933 Grade 12.9
IS 1364 / IS 1363 & DIN EN ISO 4014 & 4017 DIN 931 / 933
Dia M 20 to 100 mm
Inch 3/4 to 3.1/2
Zinc plated / Plain / Hot dip galvanised

Different types of DIn 912 High Tensile Bolts

High Tensile Fasteners Material Grades

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Nominal Size Range(mm)

  • Class 8.8: Medium carbon steel, quenched and tempered
  • Class 10.9: Alloy steel, quenched and tempered
  • Class 12.9: Alloy steel, quenched and tempered

HT Bolts Available Grades and Finishing

Grades : 8.8, 10.9, 12.9


  • Blackodise
  • White Zinc Plated
  • Yellow Zinc Plated
  • Hot Dip Galavnised

ASTM F568 HT Carriage Bolts Dimensions Shecdule Chart : High Tensile bolts, high tensile fasteners, high tensile u bolts Stockist in Mumbai, high tensile nut bolt Supplier, Check Dimension chart of high tensile steel bolts and nuts

Size Chart of ASTM F568 High Tensile Lag Bolts
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Application of High Tensile F568 Heavy Hex Bolts

  • High Tensile Bolts uses in Off-Shore Oil Drilling Companies
  • High Tensile Bolts Fasteners uses in Gas Processing
  • High Tensile Steel Fasteners uses in Aircraft Exhaust Manifolds
  • HT Fasteners uses in Power Generation
  • High Tensile Nuts uses in Specialty Chemicals
  • HT Anchor Bolts uses in Heat Exchangers
  • High Tensile Studs uses in Petrochemicals
  • HT U Bolts uses in Spiral Welded tube for burner pipes and flues
  • High Tensile Bolts And Nuts uses in Pharmaceuticals
  • High Tensile Fasteners uses in Pharmaceutical Equipment
  • High Tensile Threaded Rod uses in Sea Water Equipment

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