Copper earth rod coupler

Earth rod Coupler

Copper earth rod coupler

Enrich among the huge experience of this field, we’ve got a bent to at Nayna Enterprise manufacture premium quality Copper earth rod coupler for the grounding purpose. Our sort of couplers unit of measurement is accessible with completely, completely different custom specifications therefore it on meets varied electrical grounding wants.

With the utilization of advanced technology and high-quality material, we’ve got a bent to manufacture high-quality grounding couplers by our very competent staff members therefore this unit of measurement is correct in dimension, proof against corrosion, abrasion, and conductive nature, so our couplers unit of measurement very appreciated by our valuable patrons which they unit of measurement wide used in different types of electrical grounding for Counter bored to surround threads and protect them from the injury and corrosion.

Once stable connections don’t appear to be applicable then this coupling is used. This unit of measurement is mostly used on small-scale installations where periodic disconnection for testing is required.

Due to their innately low resistivity and corrosion resilience, copper earth electrode systems are recommended for establishing lightning earthing system applications.

The components of earthing systems must be capable of:resist corrosion, tolerate mechanical damage, offer a low impedance path to ground, and carry the highest fault state permitted by the application or installation.

Our product line includes copper earth rods, earthing poles, copper-bonded ground rods, earth ground rods, earth rod connectors, earth rod covers, earth fittings, earthing studs, and ground clamps for ground rods, ground poles, and grounding posts for use in protective earth networks and lightning protection applications.

Our castings adhere to BS 7430 and BS 62561-1 and are of excellent quality and include a high amount of copper.
We also provide exothermic welding and copperbond earth rods that are UL approved.

Advantages of Earth rod Coupler:

  • Certified quality of copper alloys is used
  • In compliance with all the safety parameters
  • Resistant to corrosion and abrasion
  • Excellent in durability
  • Available in variety of sizes
  • Low maintenance


  • Thread Hex Coupling Air Rod Jointing
  • Thread Round Coupling Air Rod Jointing
  • Rod to Tape Coupling
  • Rod to Cable Coupling
  • Jointing Clamp

Sample Time: Available in 5-10 days for different items.

Drawing Format: CAD / PDF / DWG / IGS / STEP.

Packaging: Standard package, Carton box or Pallet, As per customized specifications

Shipping: DHL, FEDEX, UPS and By Sea or as per client’s requirements.

We can manufacture and export any kind of Brass Product as per specifications (custom drawing and samples) for more information, please