Brass Clearance Spacers

Brass Clearance Spacers

Brass Clearance Spacers

According to the needs and specifications of the customer, Nayna Enterprise offers precision quality Brass Clearance Spacers in a variety of diameters, thread counts, and finishes. Our carefully crafted Clearance Spacers are typically used to enable the assembly of two components of fixed parts at a predetermined distance from one another.

Our basic, non-threaded Round Clearance spacers are fastened with nuts and bolts because they have an interior diameter that is just slightly larger than the bolt diameter.
We provide products with a variety of finishes, including those on aluminum, brass, nickel-plated metal, chrome-plated metal, copper, and plastic.

Brass with nickel plating serves as the spacer’s base material and is freely machined. Our aluminum spacers have a protective chromatic conversion coating, which increases their strength, corrosion resistance, and useful life.

Our primary area of expertise is the production of non-standard Spacers, which are offered in a variety of materials at extremely affordable costs. In light of this, we cordially urge you to describe your needs, no matter how big or small.

KEY FACTS- Brass Clearance Spacers

  • Material: Mild steel (230M07).
  • Finish: Zinc and passivity.
  • All dimensions in millimetres.
  • Type A (Male/Male) and Type C (Female/Female) Steel Pillars are available on request.
  • RoHS compliant.

Our Brass Clearance Spacers Products

Brass Circular Clearance Round Spacers Brass Hex Clearance Spacers Brass Round Clearance Spacer
Brass Circular Clearance Round Spacers Brass Hex Clearance Spacers Brass Round Clearance Spacer

Sample Time: Available in 5-10 days for different items.

Drawing Format: CAD / PDF / DWG / IGS / STEP.

Packaging: Standard package, Carton box or Pallet, As per customized specifications

Shipping: DHL, FEDEX, UPS and By Sea or as per client’s requirements.

We can manufacture and export any kind of Brass Product as per specifications (custom drawing and samples) for more information, please